5 Secrets to Attracting Your Perfect Soulmate

About 7 years ago I was talking to my best friend about “finding the one.” We’ve all been there, right? How do you know if you should marry him, does your family like him, will we be happy forever? It seems easy enough to figure out but so many people feel lost and confused in the world of dating and manifesting what we want in life.

Until I figured out exactly who I was and who I wanted to be with, how could I possibly attract to my life the perfect soulmate. So after several years of soul-searching, creating vision boards and living my independence, I knew it was time. I set my intention to know when this person appeared in my life. I meditated daily, said my affirmations and began to plan and live my life as though love already surrounded me.

The sequence of events to follow were unexpected at the time but now clearly designed to be the way the Universe wanted my life to be. I took a trip to Arizona to visit my bestie with a similar soulmate search. She found salsa dancing to be her new hobby and brought me along for a weekend filled with dancing. Returning to New York I wanted to continue dancing…soon after I was introduced to my husband.

We didn’t meet dancing as it sounds but the next 4 years of our life were filled with salsa dancing, laughter, love, happiness and travel. So what are the steps I used to attract the perfect soulmate?

1. Write About Your Ideal Relationship

Most importantly, focus on what YOU will bring to the relationship. List the top qualities in a mate that are simply non-negotiable for your happiness and make sure you are also exemplifying those qualities. If you want to be with someone in perfect health and great shape, check to see that you are also living this lifestyle.

Gossip and judgemental thoughts will create a negative vibration to what you are working to attract. Don’t allow yourself to idolize, criticize or judge other couples you encounter.

2. Raise Your Vibration

Praise yourself daily for who you are. Allow yourself to let love in and live as though you are already in a loving relationship with your soulmate. It may feel awkward at first but purchase items for the house in pairs. Set the table for 2. Design your life as though this person is currently with you. Most importantly, be your real authentic self who your soulmate will fall in love with.

3. Allow Yourself to Be Open

Allow your soulmate to manifest in whatever way the Universe chooses. Be open to suggestions from friends and co-workers. Try new restaurants, social gatherings and hobbies. The more open and receptive you allow yourself to be, the greater the opportunity for love to show up.

4. Finish Your To-Do List

Do you have unfinished business to take care of? You know, an old flame still in contact, old cards, pictures and letters floating around the house. Is work consuming your time and energy? Any relationships no longer serving you will need to be cleaned out before your ideal mate will fit into your life.

5. Be Grateful

Appreciate the relationships you have. Speak only positive words about your current situations and how you are choosing to live your life. Avoid speaking about loneliness or labeling yourself. Lastly, send gratitude to everyone you will meet today before leaving your house.

If you are searching for the love of your life, your partner, soulmate or better 1/2, I hope this article helps you find who you are looking for and also be that special person for someone else. Trust the Universe, trust yourself and let it go. With Love and Gratitude.

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