5 Ways to Be Inspired by Life

For almost 10 years I have followed the exact same morning routine before going to work. Wake up, hit the start button on the coffee pot, brush my teeth, shower, apply makeup, style hair and make breakfast. Next, I drive the same route, passing the same businesses, intersections and daily traffic jams. Very little changes in a 5 day work week to throw off the momentum, timing and order of my morning routine.

Truthfully, every morning is completely new and different. The thoughts I think daily are new. My mood, the weather, the changing of the leaves, the blooming of new flowers and the people I encounter, are all very different from the previous day. I only need to open my mind, my creativity and my heart to feel the inspiration of a new day ahead.

If you’ve been feeling stuck or uninspired, these steps will help lead you to a more inspired life.

1. Begin to Explore More

Go outside. Look around, walk in nature and notice the details. Practice yoga and meditation, or take up a new sport or hobby to ignite your space of wonder and curiosity.

2. Allow Yourself Time and Space for Creativity

Exploration goes hand in hand with creativity. Set time to travel and explore new places. Make a habit of noticing the details around you by going out of your way to make new small discoveries about yourself and your creative power. You will notice that they begin to appear almost on their own.

3. Change Your Thinking

“Change your thoughts, Change your life.” Beautiful words from author Wayne Dyer’s book. Inspiration comes from within. Although many books, movies, speakers and authors have the remarkable ability to inspire us, it takes daily practice to change old thinking habits.

4. Awaken Your Curiosity

We often overlook the things we don’t have the answers to. Ask questions, watch, get lost, read books, teach someone else or attend a new conference or event. Reflect on everything you learned and appreciated in your day by starting a gratitude journal.

5. Take Risks and Find Balance

Disconnect from devices for a set period of time, you won’t miss anything! Let go of whatever is no longer serving you, as scary as it may seem to let go. Create new healthy habits. Recognize and take joy in your strengths.

The more we pay attention to the details around us, the more we discover and want to live life to the fullest.

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