7 Steps to Freedom from Addiction

Happiness does not come from some place or someone, it comes from within. Stop looking for something magical “out there” when the only healing you need is within yourself. Often times a compulsive or addictive behavior is simply an act of wrapping oneself around an activity, person or substance in order to numb life experiences, pause for a moment, feel better, survive and tolerate a situation.

Jane was a woman I knew who was addicted to shopping for new clothes, jewelry and shoes to fill a void of self confidence. Looking at images in magazines, on tv, and following celebrity endorsements caused an addiction to having more. Jane felt that buying new items and filling her home with beautiful purchases made her feel and become more desirable. She truly believed, at least in her subconscious mind, that having a new dress for every occasion was necessary. This thought pattern created a domino effect in other areas of her life causing it to all seem normal.

In a similar situation was Jeff, who loved appliances and tech gadgets. If it was advertised as making life simple, he would buy it! Jeff also felt as though the best and only way to unwind after a busy day at work was to enjoy a few alcoholic beverage with the guys. His behavior was a short term experience to numb any past experiences, feel better and tolerate his current situation.

Now, don’t think this means to take life too seriously. A night out with friends, a trip to the mall and a few home improvement decorations is not a sign of an addiction that needs treating. However, look at your life and evaluate where you are spending, over-indulging and obsessing.

Do you have any area of your life you feel you cannot change or an addiction you cannot stop and remove immediately from your life?

If yes, it is best to begin treating now with the following 7 steps and a Creative Thought for breaking free from addiction.

How can you break free from addiction and give back to the universe in a loving and prosperous way?

  1. Learn to love yourself, because to heal is to love oneself.
    Be honest with yourself and trust yourself. Listen to your intuition, not your ego.
  2. Love others.
    Make new friends through networking or reach out to friends and family who make you feel good and have a positive impact on your life.
  3. Apply and practice gratitude.
    Begin a gratitude journal or repeat everyday the things in your life you are grateful for.
  4. Create a new thought pattern in life.
    Find a new hobby, read a book, exercise, learn meditation or begin cooking. Tap into a new direction in life that will change your creative flow to bring new joy, health and prosperity.
  5. Eliminate prejudice and false claims that label you or your life as a victim of anything.
    Forgive others or situations you encountered while realizing you are now free and not a victim to anyone or anything.
  6. Know that you are not dependant on anything or anyone.
    Realize if someone or something is taking your power away. Do not allow others to make decisions for you or create pressure on your life.
  7. Allow time and assistance to heal and forgive yourself.
    Recognize where you want to make changes in your life. Spend time reflecting on these changes and allow time to heal.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Creative Thought for Freedom from Addiction

I recognize we are all a part of this one Universe and one Creator.
I unite with this loving Universe and I know
perfect health and healing surrounds me.
My mind and body is clean, clear and perfect.
I am free from past pain, suffering and addictions.
I have control of my life and control of my arrangements.
I am so grateful for the loving protection that empowers me
to carry out this beauty and harmony with others.
I have the ability to center myself and make wise decisions.
I now release this prayer with gratitude to the Universe
and I let it go with love and harmony.

Visualize, repeat, believe and declare this creative thought daily and you will discover complete freedom from any addiction.

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  1. Fab on January 26, 2018 at 12:03 pm

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom. This is a powerful treatment that is sure to help many people stuck with any kind of addictive behaviors. Namaste!

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