To Create The Life You Desire

The Little Book of Creative Thoughts

Inside The Little Book of Creative Thoughts you will discover how to reach success, health, love, happiness and more through creative thoughts and positive affirmations.


When We Choose Our Thoughts

We Choose The Outcome of Our Future

Inside The Little Book of Creative Thoughts you will experience what some may know as a form of prayers, creative visualization, affirmations and spiritual mind treatments. The beauty of using these thoughts is the way to create new positive habits of thought and wipe away negativity. These creative thoughts will be an inspiration to you to make changes in your life that are necessary, making every day of your life better.

We all have creative thoughts and we are in complete control of our thoughts. As we learn to direct our thoughts to positivity, share our creativity and use this powerful tool to live in the present moment, the more blessings and abundance we will see manifest in our lives. On this journey of your life, you have control of your thoughts. Use this powerful tool of creative thoughts to create a prosperous and beautiful life.

What's Inside



The thoughts we think and the words we speak are creative thoughts, little or big, conscious or unconscious. Here, we transform common thoughts and goals into positive statements to create the life you desire.

Creative Thought for Happiness



Affirmations are positive thinking declarations repeated continuously for self improvement. Affirmations have the power to transform your brain to change the way you think and ultimately change your life.

Discover The Power

of Your Creative Mind


What Readers Are Saying

“ I keep this book by my bed and read a page first thing in the morning to start the day with optimism and self healing thoughts. It is a great book to give as gifts and use as stockings stuffers. I just ordered 10 and will be giving them out to all my favorite people.“

Sharon Lamontagne

"I have always been a person who believes in The power of positive energy. This book sums up that Life really can be Simple. Just putting positive thoughts out there in the Universe and believing in it, Can be the first step !! So much inspiration and insight packed into one little book !! A wonderful Gift to pass onto family and friends."

Cindy Veilleux

"This book is meaningful to me because it arrived at my doorstep at a moment when my family and I were experiencing a stressful time searching for our first home. The Little Book of Creative Thoughts gave us the peace of mind that things would come together at the right time. As time passed, we happily closed on our new home and so I keep this book nearby so it can remind us to be grateful for what we have and to have hope for what is yet to come."

Tamara Dhillon

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