How to Meditate in 5 Simple Steps

The ocean is my place! With the sand between my toes, in my sneakers, or on my towel, the beach is where I can release and let go.

Some people don’t feel this way. They feel uncomfortable, too hot, too much breeze or dirty from the salt water. This is exactly why meditation is different for everyone.

Meditation can be done just about anywhere and anytime. It is your choice from a variety of practices that use techniques designed to promote relaxation, build energy within, develop compassion, patience, generosity and forgiveness.

These 5 steps will encourage and empower you to start, maintain, and build on your meditation practice.

1. Find Your Space

Know where you feel comfortable, safe and free. Is it in your bed before waking up? Is it on a yoga mat on your living room floor? Is it on a commuter train? Meditation for you might be staring out your window watching nature.

2. Know When You Need It

As meditation becomes a routine in your lifestyle, pay attention to when and how often you need to go to this space? Simply acknowledge what is happening in your mind without becoming identified with those current thoughts.

3. Make It a Habit

Meditation is one of the 5 habits of successful people. Avoid leaving meditation for when it is too late and you are feeling disconnected and frustrated with a situation. Schedule this time into your day and your life either with an app to help guide you or by knowing where and when you go to this designated place and time.

4. Allow Yourself 10 Minutes

Whenever you need it, make time for yourself. This is why a 10 minute ritual might be all it takes. Find a doable length that allows you to settle your mind without causing too much stress on your body. You may choose to be silent or follow a mantra, just try not to fall asleep!

5. Breathe

Regulate your mind by focusing inward and place your attention softly on your out-breath until you are fully aware of the present moment and your environment. Be with each breath as the air goes out through your mouth and nostrils and dissolves into the space around you. At the end of each out-breath, simply rest until the next in-breath naturally begins.

Meditation is a doorway into seeing who we are and how our mind is always working. In the beginning, profound thoughts about the past or future will run through your meditation. Images and lists about what groceries you may need to pick up or uncompleted errands and to-do lists. So, if you’re starting out with meditation, please don’t beat yourself up about your wild mind. It is a natural condition. In time you will learn to work kindly with your thoughts and you will find peacefulness and clarity in your meditation practice.

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