The Power of Dreams

Dreams give strength to the weak, they give sight to the blind, they give ears to the deaf and legs to the crippled. Without the big dreams of great men, our world would have remained a primitive society. Your mind is like a fire that needs to be ignited with big dreams. Let your dreams be so big, bold and bright that they will make impossibilities vanish. Make your mind a fertile ground for the growth of success through positive thinking. Fall in love with your dreams and guild them jealously with a well sought out plan on how to actualize them because dreams don’t come to life while you are still in bed; so get up and make things happen. Dreaming big is just the starting point, bringing your dreams to reality is the real journey. Races are not won at the starting point but at the finish line, so garner the strength, courage, agility, and will power to push on till you get to the finish line. To turn your dreams into glorious realities, you need these cardinal points to be your guiding light. These points are:

Will Power:

Your dreams will remain mere wishes until you take deliberate and concise action towards actualizing them. To turn your dreams into reality, you need to develop the will power to get up and hit the ground running. You need to have the hunger for success because this will be the lubricant that will keep the wheels of your dreams rolling. The hunger and determination to succeed will be the motivating factors that will keep you going even when you feel like you might never see the promise land.


The road to success is rough and littered with obstacles that are giant dream killers; only the rugged survive. You need to get it straight into your head that dreams don’t come to life while you are still in your comfort zone neither is success given to anyone on a platter of gold. On the journey to actualizing your dreams, a lot of challenges will come your way, your efforts might sometimes be crowded with disappointments but one thing you should acquire is the ability to persevere. It is a common saying that winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win, so always make the solemn vow that whatever might come your way, you will keep on pushing till you get to the finish line. Just like riding a bicycle, you will only fall when you stop paddling; so no matter how rough and tough the road might be, just keep on taking steps. Each step (no matter how little) will bring you closer to where you are going; so keep on taking those steps regardless of the difficulties.


There are a lot of distractions in our world today that make us sometimes derail off our tracks. We need to keep our eyes firmly on our goals in order not to get it wrong. Just like when you are driving on the highway, you have to keep your eyes focused on the road regardless of the beautiful graffities, showrooms, and other side attractions; least you’ll have a crash. Note that, as individuals; our dreams in life are always different from each other so never make the mistake of trying to imitate others for this will make you lose focus of where you are heading to. Imitation is like moving into another runner’s lane simply because you believe it is the shortest route. The truth is, no matter how fast and far you go; once you are in another man’s lane, you will definitely get disqualified. You can only be the best version of yourself, so remain focused by avoiding unnecessary distractions.

Be Positive:

Do not limit yourself; always shoot for the stars. Failure and success are both products of the mind so learn to always be positive about yourself and your dreams. Always being positive does not mean you should be ignorant of the realities on ground but to have the self confidence in your ability to wither every storm. Impossibility does not exist in the dictionary of great men and women because they believe that their dreams and aspirations are too big to be defeated by mere unfortunate circumstances. When you are positive about your dreams, they will shine so bright that even in the dark; you will always find your way. In every situation, you have to remain hopeful because there are better days ahead. Hope is the engine that powers our dreams; hope makes us keep on believing that the good days will surely come.

Wake up from that sleep and let your dreams come alive!!

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